Boat Lift World Terms and Conditions

Warranty: Boat Lift World does not make any warranties of any type. All warranties are by the manufacturer and/or vendors. We will assist you in making a warranty request.

Safety: Do not have people or animals in boat or on lift when raising, lowering, or stationary. Do not get in boat or on lift when raised or between boat and dock or under boat. Stay well clear of load being hoisted. Do not exceed rated capacity.

NON-AUTHORIZED APPLICATIONS: All boat lift kits and parts are manufactured only for lifting of boats. Any other uses or alterations to the boat lift kit installation designs that are not designed by the manufacturer are strictly prohibited. Any one altering the specific design and installation of boat lift kits or use of any boat lift components other than what they were designed for will assume all liability risk in doing so. Boat Lift World or its manufacturers will not be held liable for these non- approved installations of parts or any alterations to the installation of boat lift kits. 

Installation: All installations and repairs should be done by qualified/professional installers. The person doing the installation is responsible for insuring that the structure (that the components are to be installed on) is suitable for lifting a boat. The installer is responsible for knowing installation procedure, how to operate the lift, maintenance, and servicing of the lift system. It is their responsibility to instruct all operators of the boat lift on these items.

Hardware: Due to the variety of material thickness used in boat house construction, the bolts etc. to connect the kit hardware to the boat house are not supplied. These can be purchased locally to ensure the correct sizes. (12 to 14 bolts are usually required.)

Shipping: Completely free anywhere in the Continental U.S. If you are outside of the 48 States such as Mexico or Canada please Contact Us directly for shipping terms and requirements. Free shipping covers standard delivery. Any non standard deliveries such as second delivery charges or second story, Interlining, etc. are responsibility of customer.

Returns: Boat Lift World must be contacted for approval before making any returns. If return is approved, we will make the refund less our original shipping cost. 

Returns are subject to 15% restocking fee. Boat Lift World will not take returns or give refunds if the item has been installed, placed into service, or damaged. Any Electrical components or items cannot be returned for refund, credit or exchange. To be considered for refund, we must be notified within 10 days of delivery. All parts must be in original box. Boat Lift World does not pay for cost to return. Boat Lift World shipping costs are non refundable. Sales that require custom parts be ordered or made are not returnable for refunds or credit.

Returns For Exchange: Boat Lift World must be contacted within 10 days of delivery for an exchange. The item must be unused, uninstalled, and in original box. 

The customer is responsible for the cost to return any item; we will charge any additional cost and the return shipping cost to the customer.

Refusals: Any shipment refused or unable to be delivered and returned will be refunded the sale price less our shipping cost and subject to 15% restock charge. All shipping cost to customers is non refundable.

Shortages: If there are any shortages, we must be notified within 2 days of delivery.

Slings: To insure that you can use slings to lift your boat, check with the boat manufacturer. Once you install the slings and/or lift a boat, it will make marks on the slings. Slings cannot be returned once they have been installed, put into water, or have lifted a boat. Slings can stretch up to 10%. Always measure your boat to ensure needed length.

A Sling should be removed from service if any of the following are visible:

* Red Core Yarn is visible on any part of the Sling. Broken or worn stitching in load bearing splices.

*If Sling rated capacity tag is missing or not readable. Excessive abrasive wear.

*Acid or alkali burns. Knots in any part of the Sling.

*Melting, charring or weld spatter on any part of the Sling. Distortion, excessive pitting, corrosion or broken fittings.

*Holes, tears, cuts, snags, or embedded particles. Any conditions which cause doubt as to the strength of the Sling. 

Cables: Inspect cables regularly. Replace if they have any burs, broken strands, flat spots, signs of rust, or any signs of wear or abnormal appearance. Periodically retighten all clamps, bolts, nuts, etc. Replace any part or component of boat lift that shows any appearance of wear or any indications of wear. 

Changes: All prices, terms, and descriptions of parts are subject to change without notice.

Cancelations: Boat Lift World at its discretion can cancel any order.

Errors And Omissions:
Boat Lift World or any of their businesses or affiliated companies or businesses or any individual or employees are not responsible for any errors or omissions in any descriptions, diagrams, specifications, product capabilities or lift capacities. 

Electrical: Using the improper electrical wire gauge (one that is smaller than recommended) can lessen the lifting capacity and burn out the motor; this will not be covered under the warranty. Have an electrician install and/or verify that the gauge of the wire is adequate.


This is what is recommended by our supplier for wire size:

Place lift on a separate circuit from breaker box using proper gauge wire.

Website Use: The text, images, and data on Boat Lift World web site (the "Site") are protected by copyright and may be covered by other restrictions as well. Boat Lift World retains all rights, including copyright, in data, images, software, documentation, text, and other information contained in these files (collectively, the "Materials"). Copyright and other proprietary rights may be held by individuals or entities other than, or in addition to, Boat Lift World. Boat Lift World appreciates any and all photographs sent to us. Your sending these, gives us the approval to show to prospective buyers and to be used on our web page as advertising. Boat Lift World does not pay compensation for the photographs.