6000 lb. Sling Boat Lift

6000 lb. Sling Boat Lift
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Product Information


  Boat Lift Compounded Kit Includes:
  • 3000lb (6000lb capacity maximum compounded) Gear Unit 3/4 HP Marathon/Leeson TENV (Totally Enclosed Motor), 110v (220 Volt Optional) and in-line GFCI, Lock on Switch, 14' Electrical Wire Motor to Switch(1)

  • Deluxe Slings 4 in. x 12 ft.(2)

  • 4 in. Pulleys *Galvanized Plates* 4 in. Aluminum Sheave w/Bronze 5/8 Bushing on 5/8 Shaft - LIFETIME WARRANTY (8)

  • V Pipe Support - Galvanized w/Grease Fitting  (Option For 2- Dual Pipe Supports w/ Hanger Brackets) (2)

  • 150 ft. Total 1/4 in. Galvanized Aircraft Cable (This will give 15' from upper pulleys down to all four corners to the slings with a 10' wide boat slip) (Call us if additional amount of cable is needed)

  • 1/4 in. Galvanized Drop Forged Cable Clamps (12)

  • Pulley Block Hangers (4)

  • Compound Pulley Tie-Off Plates(4)

  • Shackles (12)

  • 1/4" Thimbles (4)

(2 in. ID Schedule 40 Pipe Not Included *Purchase Locally*)

Due to the variety of material thickness used in boat house construction, the bolts etc. are not supplied to connect the kit hardware to the boat house. These can be purchased locally to ensure the correct sizes. Normally 22 bolts/nuts required. Timbers not included. Check with boat manufacturer to ensure slings can be used to lift your boat. Marathon Formerly GE. Motors are TENV Totally Enclosed Non Vented. They are not sealed motors and must be protected from rain and weather.

  Free Upgrades Include:
  • 4 in. Block Pulleys in Lieu of 3 in.

  • In-line GFCI in Lieu of In-Plug GFCI

  • 4 inch Deluxe slings rated for 8400lbs. each in lieu of lighter material, 5/8 Pear Ring, Wear Pad in Eyes, Keel Pad, Lead Weighted, Sewn in 2 Places in Pockets on Sling Bottom.

  • Exclusive Formed Mounting Plate is Designed to Improve Strength and Totally Eliminate Deflection Problems Flat Plates Have. The Gears Are Manufactured in the U.S.A With the Best of Materials

  • 2 Year Electrical Warranty

  • 6 Year Gear Plate Warranty


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