6000 lb. Wake Board Boat Cradle Kit

6000 lb. Wake Board Boat Cradle Kit
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Product Information


  6000lb. Wake Board Boat Lift Kit: $1989 (must call to order)
  • 3000 lb. 3/4 hp. Gear Units TENV (Totally Enclosed Motor)(2) (1 wired 14' electrical motor to switch and 1 with 20' electrical)

  • Over size Dual Pipe Supports with Nylatron Bushing and grease fitting (4)

  • Galvanized 5/16 cable 25 ft. each (4) (Call us if additional amount of cable is needed)

  • Galvanized cradle I beam 5" x 8', 8' 6", 9', 9' 6", or 10' (2) (Your choice)

  • Regular boat chocks (8) or Pontoon boat chocks (4)

  • 5/16 Galvanized Drop Forged cable clamps (12)

  • 5/16 Galvanized Thimbles (4)

  • 1/2" Galvanized Shackles (4)

  • Cable stopper clamps (4)

(2 in. ID Schedule 40 Pipe Not Included *Purchase Locally*)

This kit works for a variety of wake board boats with a tower and pontoon boats with tops.

Drive pipes are on each side leaving the center open with no center drive pipe. This allows lifting boats higher based on boat house construction. Timbers not included. Due to variety of timber thickness used in boat house construction, the bolts, nuts, etc. are not supplied to connect the kit to the boat house. These can be purchased locally to ensure the correct size (normally 12).

All hardware is hot dipped galvanized.

Drive pipe schedule 40 or 80 (not supplied).

Boat slip needs to be 2' wider than cradle beam size.

Cradle must be 1 ft. longer (minimum) than width of boat:
Example: Boat 8' wide, minimum cradle 9' requires cradle slip 11' wide.

Motors are TENV Totally Enclosed Non Vented. They are not sealed motors and must be protected from rain and weather.

Optional Remote Control - ORDER A TEC 2 REMOTE CONTROL WITH YOUR KIT FOR A SPECIAL PRICE! Comes with hand held remote and pre-wired ready to plug in. Just click the drop down below to add to the kit!

  Free Upgrades Include:
  • Exclusive Formed Gear Plate is designed to improve strength and to totally eliminate deflection problems that flat plates have. The gears are manufactured in the USA with the best of materials.

  • 2 Year Electrical Warranty

  • 6 Year Gear Plate Warranty


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