Boat Lift Motor Only TENV

Boat Lift Motor Only TENV
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Product Information


  Boat Lift Marathon TENV 110v or 220v Motor Only:
  • Marathon Formerly GE/Leeson TENV (Totally Enclosed Motor)

  • Will Fit Most All Flat Plate Gear Units

  • 3/4 hp 110v - 11.4 amps 220v- 6.5 amps

  • 1 hp 110v - 13.6 amps 220v- 7.6 amps

  • 1.5 hp
    Volt 115/208-230
    FLA 13.4/7.2-6.7  (Full Load Amperage)
    SFA 15.2/8.1-7.6  (Service Factor Amps)

    Service factor is a multiplier that indicates how much a motor can be overloaded under ideal ambient conditions. For example, a 10-hp motor with a 1.15 service factor can handle an 11.5-hp load for short periods of time without incurring significant damage.

    S.F.A. Service Factor Amps: Current drawn by the motor when operated at service factor load. Unless motor is operated extensively at service factor load (not recommended), use full load current when selecting circuit protection. 9.

    Rated full-load amperage — As the torque load on a motor increases, the amperage required to power the motor also increases. When the full-load torque and horsepower is reached, the corresponding amperage is known as the full-load amperage (FLA). ... You either have a single-phase or 3-phase motor.May 1, 2004

  • Motor Frame 56

  • 2 Year Warranty

  • Marathon/Leeson Motors Include 2" Pulley

Motors are TENV Totally Enclosed Non Vented. They are not sealed motors and must be protected from rain and weather.

  Electra Gear Stainless Steel TENV 110v or 220v Motor Only:
  • Electra Gear (same owners as Leeson)

  • Will Fit Most All Flat Plate Gear Units

  • Stainless steel dual voltage TENV motor with 1725 RPM

  • 3/4 hp 110v - 12.4 amps 220v- 6.2 amps 
    1 hp 110v - 13.6 amps 220v- 6.8 amps

  • 1.5 hp 110v - 15.2 amps  220v- 7.6 amps

  • Motor Frame 56

  • 1 Year Mfg. Warranty


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